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The idea

Urban Dataism is an ongoing project addressing the relationship of the modern man living in an urban environment and his own nature. Through a specific process, which includes methodological analysis, computational study, applied and fine arts with mechanical - almost robotic - execution of the artwork, this project is intended to create an impression, both for the process followed during the application and the questions that arise through this process.

The fundamental principles of Swiss design set the terms of order and clarity. Starting by delineating any concrete surface of the urban landscape inside a grid, the surface is deconstructed precisely and at the same time is transformed as its structure and nature changes.

Once the compact concrete surface is engraved by the designer with hundreds of horizontal and vertical lines this stops to exist metaphorically as cement, changes into a grid on which the designer will analyse the data, observe the environment and after processing all the information, he will deliver the visual solution.

The execution 

The solution in order for the illustration to take shape, is to consciously mark spots on the grid by borrowing the basic function of computer, the binary system.

Where zero (0) equals white - blank square
Where one (1) equals black - black square

This method - process, creates a visual effect with grey tones where the human eye perceives as true. In reality its only black and white dots (raster). As a result of the above process, many philosophical and social questions arise about the modern way of life. For example, is what we see the same as what we perceive? How does a simple operation for a machine becomes so difficult and time consuming for a person trying to imitate it? - To imitate perfection. To what extent is the modern man able to devote time to something that is not instantaneous and spectacular? (see Social Media). Blending art with science on a random urban wall, new thoughts and ideas are revealed in concepts such as good and evil, bright and dark, abstract and figurative.


What we have experienced and want to communicate is that with patience and perseverance in what you are doing, you can accomplish something unique, which is likely in its day-to-day life to appear boring, sterile, black and white, but if you take a few steps backwards, if you move away from it, you will be able to see the big picture which is not only black and white, it has gradations and tonalities and the imperfections are lost for the sake of the whole.

While you don’t see the girl’s eyes, you do realise, however, her devoted look at what she is looking at, it might be a book, her cell phone, a product package or even the results of some medical tests.

The work lets everyone get in her position and finish it according to their experiences and thoughts.


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Loonatiks_Design_Crew_Urban Dataism_41250_The-Lines
Loonatiks_Design_Crew_Urban Dataism_41250_The Grid
Loonatiks_Design_Crew_Urban Dataism_41250_Detail
Loonatiks_Design_Crew_Urban Dataism_41250_Artwork
Loonatiks_Design_Crew_Urban Dataism_41250_Wall_1
Loonatiks_Design_Crew_Urban Dataism_41250_Wall_2
Loonatiks_Design_Crew_Urban Dataism_41250_Wall_3
Loonatiks_Design_Crew_Urban Dataism_41250_Process
Loonatiks_Design_Crew_Urban Dataism_41250_Wall_Detail
Loonatiks_Design_Crew_Urban Dataism_41250

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