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Loonatiks Design Crew-Sykeones Papasotiriou


Sotiris Papasotiriou, who runs "Sikeones Papasotiriou" alongside with his family, contacted us in order to design a label for their new product, a premium quality fig marmalade with no preservatives from a local variety called Βασιλικά Σύκα Μαρκοπούλου which translates as Markopoulo Royal Figs.

After our first meeting, we knew that this project would be an opportunity for us to design something exceptional and premium, far beyond the lukewarm competitors and propound the values and quality this product carries in it.
Since this product is the foundation of their brand, we researched on original 50’s construction documents to draw inspiration in order to build a strong brand image. At that time Sotiris’ grandfather planted the first fig tree in the region of Markopoulo - Porto Rafti.

Large, modern typography combined with gold foiled details, carefully thought out cuts and curves on the label, highlight the quality and honesty this product has, yet in a humble manner.

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