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Cross border journalism is a very demanding type of journalism. Especially with such a rapidly changing world and the exchange of information, it is extremely difficult for a professional alone to keep up with developments. So, in order to have the right information, any journalist relies on his cooperation with his colleagues on the other side of the borders.

But how does a journalist start this cross-border project, what tools does he need and how does he ensure the smooth cooperation between such different people, with other cultures beyond his own borders? These problems were solved by the N-Ost team and through their own personal experiences, they created a survival guide.

They came to us for the design of the website that will host this guide. We were told that cross border journalism does not necessarily have a starting point and that many times one project leads to the next. As Brigitte Alfter illustrated, it is like a cross border wheel.

They also asked us not to treat their project as something very serious and rigid, as this kind of journalism is something very fun with new acquaintances, discovery and learning, after all, the N-Ost team consists mostly of young people of different nationalities. In fact, they decided to name the project PLAYBOOK.

All of the above brought to our minds children`s toys, where infants perceive the difference of objects in various shapes, such as circles, squares, triangles, etc. which must match them in the correct position of the game. That is, something so fun for those who at the same time learn to perceive a part of the world.

As a design solution for the website, we adopted these shapes and placed them on a circle that mimics the movement of the wheel in the luna park. Each figure represents an area of ​​the guide and by following the link the visitor can read all the tips and tricks depending on his concerns and the stage of his research. In addition to the shapes, each section is separated in colour to further help the visitor.

In the end, the result was a website that is easy to use, playful without seriousness but alive and in a perpetual motion, as the project is constantly supplemented with new experiences and tips since journalism is an art that only evolves and by its nature can not stand still.


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