LT Monoslave



LT Monoslave is a font specially designed for the brand identity of Kakofonix Bar. The main design principals of LT Monoslave where derived from the Atlantic slave trade that took place from the 16th to the 19th centuries by the “civilised” europeans which involved in the transportation of African people mainly to the americas in order to work as slaves on coffee, tobacco, cocoa, sugar and cotton plantations. all theses goods are highly associated with products that can be consumed in bars nowadays.

The first key element came from the diagrams of slave ships showing how the slaves where packed in those ships in order to fit as much as possible, witch is exactly the same concept of monospaced fonts, they were designed with a fixed width and had only one purpose, to fit as much text as possible in a screen and just do the job. The second was the slaves them selfs, tall and skinny figures packed one next to the other.

All these elements contributed to design a compressed monospace font that has only capital letters and numbers in an effort to remind us, the “western world” that all the things we consume for pleasure such as alcohol, coffee, sugar and tobacco were brought to us in the most brutal way, the way of slavery.

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